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Game Development

My interest in games started long ago and since I was already covering them as game journalist, it was only natural that my interest grew. This culminated in my decision to quit my previous job and start learning game development more seriously. My main areas are design (from mechanics, game world to level design), writing and scripting, but I also tested positively on such fields like game economy, programming and testing. Engine-wise I commited myself to the Unity, but I want to try other engines in the future to see how the work flow differs and what doors closes and opens at the same time.

Some examples from small projects I was making in the never ending quest to level up.


Game Design Document for a retro FPS game featuring Capybara Joe. Amptly titled Call of Capybara: World Conquest, this game would take the player – in Joe’s hide – across the whole world, fighting the evil corporate empire of Mantas. GDD consists of main document envisioning everything: from the world, levels and their progression to the details of User Interface, User Experience, gameplay loops, control schemes and items available in-game.


GDD – RPG Quest

Game Design Document for a quest designed for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It consists of details on how the quest should flow (with golden path obviously included), charts detailing branching, states of execution, dialogues with NPCs and journal entries.

I also followed on the document and made the mod itself, which is available for download here (please note: it requires English version of GOTY Morrowind). Separate file details scripts used in creation of this mod.



Quest starts in Balmora in South Wall Cornerclub. Be sure to be member of Thieves Guild before talking to Ya’nush, a new character located in the basement of the establishment.

Retro game – Space Invaders

Received as a test task, I built this clone of Space Invaders within couple of evenings. No actual graphical assets are used (other than “colored” materials), objects are build from basic shapes using ProBuilder component. Two scenes in total, six C# scripts controlling the game, 3 prefabs.

Click to play in your browser!


Spells and rituals:

  • Unity Engine + ProBuilder
  • C#

Level blockout – train station

Made during test task, it’s a whole level designed and blocked out using Unity Engine. Thematically it’s an isolated train station in the mountains of Japan. Outside of the small station building it consists of parking area, double rails and a tunnel in the side of a mountain. There’s also a viewing platform, which would be perfect to showcase the vistas (no other assets were created for this purpose).


Simple version of a classic Asteroids game build using Unity Engine. A little unconventional idea here is that the “enemy” objects can spawn anywhere (as long as they’re outside of visible area) and head… well, also anywhere. This was meant to create bit of tension as player could never predict how big next asteroid will be, from where it will come from and what will be it’s rotation and velocity. Another, a more useful feature is that it has two control schemes: one for keyboard only and one for keyboard and mouse duo.

Spells and rituals:

  • Unity Engine
  • C#