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Writing about games was my entry point into gaming industry and also first step on my “career” path. I was lucky to be involved in some of the most interesting projects on the Polish market, Over the course of more than 8 years I wrote thousands of articles – those include simple news coverage, reviews and previous of newly released games, several in-depth guides and even interviews and other types of content like unique series of featured articles covering specific topic. Outside of gaming I was also writing a fair bit about computer industry at large, emerging technologies, software and hardware and more. Writing about stuff I find interesting still takes part of my life, as shown by few hobby projects.



Reviews and previews



Columns & features

Reports and relations

Note that the numbers are only for those articles I could reach and verify – there are probably hundred more news and other types of content lost to oblivion (aka company went out of business and I never archived everything).

Was writing for following media:


Hobby project released into the wild in early 2018. Since then it become main platform for publishing all kinds of nerd related content for me and bunch of other authors. Outside of writing, I was also responsible for creating whole site (extra coding, custom styling, hosting, configuration).
Status: alive


Biggest Polish IT portal dealing in technology news, software, cybersecurity and more.

Status: alive


At it’s peak, Gaminator was top 3 of Polish gaming communities and sites, gathering attention for it’s consistent news section and groundbreaking video reviews.

Status: gone and dusted


Build on the ruins of Gaminator, Save!Project (also known as S!P) was meant to not only follow the path of reliable text coverage for games new and old, but also tried becoming a de facto gaming communication platform – way before Discord! came along! Sadly the program was a bit ahead of it’s time and didn’t pass the test of time.

Status: gone and dusted


Polish technology portal, bringing news. reviews and guides for hardware, gaming, mobile and more.

Status: alive