OsaX Nymloth

Passion driven IT guy and hardcore gamer, exploring various computer related interests since 90's. Gamer first and foremost, Tackles most games on highest difficulty settings and just loves to look under every rock in search for hidden lore. Outside of games main interests are in IT: from game dev (game design, technologies, tricks used in game engines), to programming (C#, Python), hardware, software and even cybersecurity. Worked as game journalists, web developer, IT technician and more. Metalhead, Japan-o-holic, fan of books even tho have no space for more of them.

IT nerd, gamer, master level player in StarCraft II, metalhead, self-taught, Japan, fantasy, books


I spent quite few years writing about games, both in paid positions and as a hobby for my personal projects. On my account you can find thousands of news pieces, hundreds of reviews, dozens of previews, guides, interviews, event relations and a whole bunch of other kind of articles. You can check some of my work on Nerdomancer, my side project for all your nerdy needs.



For couple of years I was working as a freelancer, doing mostly front-end web developing with some back-end pieces here and there. Most of my projects involved popular CMS like Wordpress and Drupal and used technologies were mainly typical HTML, CSS paired with some PHP and JavaScript/jquery scripts. Because of NDA I can not reveal all projects I have made, but some simple sites I helped create are visible below.


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my services.