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About Me

Nerd since times immemorial, passion driven evil incarnate, hardcore gamer, metalhead – many words can describe me, but in the end it all boil down to me being huge nerd of few specific things. I love games. I adore dark fantasy in media. I headbang furiously to metal. And I even have a gentle side when I gaze into the sky full of falling sakura petals and contemplate Japan as a whole.

Feel free to check out my portfolio or contact me.

Facts about me


Metal in almost all shapes and form, mostly death and black, but will enjoy good power/heavy. Mood dependent


Mostly fantasy themed. Current favorite is “Malazan Book of the Fallen” by Steven Erikson


Everything really, from action oriented FPP/TPP games, through strategy and adventure ones to walking sims and even Football Manager


Mostly C# with bit of Python


Best as designer, writer or scripter. Engine of choice (for now): Unity


Broad knowledge across multiple fields makes me a solid choice when somebody needs bit of consulting


Favorite country by a mile, be it language, culture or their amazing metal scene


Reached Master 1 rank in StarCraft II and was involved as a manager and co-founder for two Polish esport organizations


Always up for a challenge. How about completing Icewind Dale solo? On Heart of Fury mode? From level 1?

Where to find me